Rise, your way 

The classes

We use sound, visuals and sunlight simulation that reflect the energy demands of each class. They give extra motivation when it’s needed and help you power down when you need to rest.

The result? You’ll release stress-busting, feel-good endorphins that boost your ‘happy’.

The FirstLight difference

So what’s involved? Our signature 45 and 60 minute full body cycle workouts include cardio, mindfulness and meditation, together with our best-in-class upper-body strength workout using body bars to build and tone core muscles.

Our inspiring Maestro Instructors choreograph each class to their own uplifting playlists against a backdrop of amazing widescreen graphics that will transport you to the FirstLight destinations of Manhattan, Ibiza, Africa, London, Rio or Dubai. Our sunlight simulation technology enhances these exhilarating experiences, working in perfect harmony with our Magic Mirror system behind the instructor, fully immersing you in the themes and transporting you beyond the studio and out into the world.

A seamless blend of light, visuals and sounds. Timed to the beat. Working out. Pure energy.

Guided by light

The lighting sequences we use in our bespoke studio classes change throughout the day to reflect our bodies' natural light requirements. Choose a ride time that will leave you feeling totally ready for whatever's up next in your day.

Morning classes

Awaken and invigorate you.

Afternoon classes

Boost alertness and inspire you to focus.

Evening classes

Burn off excess energy and wind you down, stimulating melatonin production for better sleep.

Preparing for your class

Be fashionably early. 15 minutes should do it. If you beat the clock, head to our Community Lounge for a bit of mental limbering up.


Before, during and after your workout. Fuel your hydration with a 750ml Hildon sports cap water. Indulge in one of our seven nourishing juices and smoothies to get your workout off to a flying start.

Dress for success

Up top: T- shirt, vest or tank. Down below: shorts or leggings.
We'll provide complimentary cycling shoes (anti-bac, ventilating insoles on board) with SPD cleats to ensure correct body alignment.


Are provided. Trust us, you’re going to need one.

When you arrive

Getting in the saddle

Our Ride Engineers know every nut, screw and bolt of our cutting-edge equipment. They’ll take you through its capabilities and get you comfortable in the saddle.

Change and stow your caboodle securely in our keycode changing room lockers. Or use our fast lockers if you just need to drop your shoes or valuables.

During the class

Our Maestro Instructors help you find your rhythm and get the most out of your workout.

After the class

Feeling good all over extends to our ladies’ and gents’ changing rooms. Luxuriate in your own private guilt-free power shower. Ours use 50% less water. And our natural, organic Mauli products are the perfect post-workout treat, available exclusively for our Risers. Grab a hair dryer or Cloud Nine straightener for the finishing touches.

Cancelling classes

If you can’t attend a class and you cancel at least 24h before the scheduled class start time we will refund your credit. Classes cancelled after that time are non-refundable.

Classes can be cancelled by logging into your account or calling the studio.

Health and safety

Health is our business. We want to make sure our Risers are in tip top condition. Please read our health commitment statement carefully during the sign-up process. You can view a reminder here.

We want you to achieve your best AND listen to your body.