Rise and shine 

See the light

Inspiring. Exhilarating. Unique. You’ve never experienced anything like this before.

FirstLight Cycle is a sensationally immersive indoor cycling fitness journey. Our high intensity cardio brings together cutting-edge sunlight simulation, beautifully curated visual backdrops, and pitch-perfect acoustics. The result: a mind-body journey through the fitness cycle…

Endurance. Momentum. Courage. Empowerment.

Ride as a pack to the rhythm of energising playlists in our West London studio. Let our heroic Maestro instructors spark your fire. Awaken your senses – from the spirit-stirring light of dawn to the meditative, mindful quiet of the setting sun.

It’s time to transform your workout. To reach new fitness highs. To discover a totally new way.

Welcome to the FirstLight Cycle experience at Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush.

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What we stand for

Be inspired

We’re revolutionising how you workout, and we want London to be the first city to discover our mind-blowing group fitness experience. We’re redefining what innovative boutique fitness classes should feel like.

Our state-of-the-art fitness studio has been designed from the ground up to deliver perfectly balanced sunlight, visual and audio stimulation to motivate and energise you during and after your workout.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist, or a rising first-timer, our Maestro Instructors will help you find your own pace and set your own fitness goals. Whatever indoor cycling course you take. They bring their own style and their own beats to fine tune your moves and allow you to totally let go.

Interested in hearing about our Maestro Instructors? Meet the team and find out what tracks gets their classes motivated by clicking here.

When you’ve experienced perfect synchronicity of body, mind and soul, you’ll know you’ve seen the light.

Woman in indoor cycling class

Feel the light

No gimmicks, just science. Everything we do is supported by research and technology to ensure that your wellbeing comes first.

We all have natural rhythm. Circadian rhythm. This drives our body’s ‘internal clock’ and results in natural fluctuations in energy over a 24-hour period. But changes in our environment, particularly the quantity and type of light, can affect our rhythm, boosting or lowering energy and alertness.

We need daily exposure to adequate periods of light and dark to keep us energised and to help us rest. The UK only gets around 1500 hours of sunlight each year – not enough to ensure energy and motivation levels remain high. Our sunlight technology is designed to give your body and mind a healthy boost.

Woman relaxing after exercise

Boost your amazing

  • LED lighting technology can be used to mimic a natural light-dark cycle, helping to provide the right type of light at the right time of day
  • Blue light can be used to naturally redress adverse effects of light deficiency
  • We use bespoke sunlight simulation to harness the power of light, replicating key daylight periods – sunrise, midday sun and sunset – to power our Risers up or down as they ride
See the light

Venture further

In pursuit of workout euphoria, we’re taking things up a few notches. Cycling to the beat of inspiring rhythms – through the first glimpses of daybreak to the energy rush of high noon and the reverie of sundown – our amazing widescreen destination-themed graphics and giant Magic Mirror technology will take your workout journey global.

Stadium-style seating gives each Riser a perfect view of our round-the-world visuals. No need to close your eyes and imagine you’ve escaped to the sandy shores of Rio or the natural paradise of Africa... Grab a bike and blaze a trail through the electric streets of Manhattan. Cool off with a sunset ride along Ibiza shores. Rest in the lengthening shadows of an enchanting Dubai dusk.

We use every ounce of our know-how to motivate and guide you, bringing the entire sensory experience together to focus on the most important thing. You.

Are you ready to see the light?

What we stand for. What we believe. What you can expect.


We’re on a mission to spread light and happiness across the city. To awaken the senses and the spirit. We’re a burst of sunshine when you need it most.


We’re here to support you on your fitness journey. To give you energy. To be the voice telling you: you can achieve anything.


We’re strong and we’re focused; confident in who we are and what we’re about. Believe in us. Trust the results. And let our strength become yours.


We want you to feel good. To have a warm glow that starts with your workout and stays with you throughout the day. Because that’s what happens when you smash your limits.