Kit and caboodle 

Our indoor cycling Studio and bikes

When it came to designing the perfect indoor cycling studio environment, we’ve gone for something radical than just your usual gym setup. You’ll be working out in a darkened room, your senses heightened and focused on the task. Our indoor cycling Maestro Instructors will use the atmosphere to bring you together with your class in a synchronised community with focused energy. An entirely new experience at Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush, West London.

Studio 1

Studio 1

There’s one word for Studio 1 – epic. With room for 68 bikes and stadium-style seating giving unrestricted views from every angle, together with our specialist acoustics, you’ll hear every word, sense every rise, and feel every beat. In every session.

During your indoor cycling class, our gigantic state-of-the-art 30ft Magic Mirror will transport you, body and soul, to some of the most inspiring places on earth – Dubai or Ibiza, Manhattan or London, Africa or Rio. Experience the sun-ravaged beauty of the desert, fly down the electric streets of Manhattan, soak up the sundown beats of Ibiza. Discover a vibe that works for you and immerse your senses in everything that makes a FirstLight ride so amazing. It’s West London’s ultimate cycling classes with a unique twist.

We’ve created an energising environment, away from your usual gym style studios. Bringing together the very best in ergonomics, visuals, sounds and lighting to give you a unique workout experience. One you won’t forget.

Our aim was to design the ultimate indoor cycling experience. We think we’ve nailed it.

Join us in Studio 1 to be inspired through our immersive cycling journey. Taking you from London to the far-flung corners of the world.

Indoor exercise bike

Your bespoke ride

When you’re on the right bike, it doesn’t feel like a machine, it feels like an extension of your body. It enables you to do more in your class. To exercise work, climb and sprint towards your personal fitness goals.

Our bespoke bikes are made by Schwinn and engineered for our signature full-body and core workouts:

  • Weighted handlebars support all your needs, from comfort to high performance
  • Magnetic resistance brakes allow for smooth, consistent control
  • Versatile seat and handlebar adjustments provide a safe and comfortable setup
  • Body bars are used for our upper body toning moves on the bike